Accurate, relevant, and timely data are critical to informed decision-making. In order to expand the use of data in decisionmaking, MAPC works to create new sources of information about the region to shed light on critical issues. This process takes a variety of forms: we compile and standardize administrative datasets from cities and towns to create useful regionwide mosaics of local conditions; we use surveys and crowdsourcing to collect information from individuals; or we harvest and process unstructured data from the web to create new real-time information flows.

Many of our data development efforts are intended to capture the "most wanted" datasets identified in MAPC's regional plan MetroFuture, or are prompted by the needs of our partners and clients seeking information to help guide their programs and evaluate the success of their efforts.

If you are interested in seeing whether MAPC can help you round up one of your most-wanted datasets, contact us.

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