The Massachusetts Housing Data Portal (housing.MA) provides comprehensive housing data on every municipality in the state designed to provide local staff and stakeholders with relevant and actionable data on local housing conditions.

Housing.MA is intended to support the creation of municipal Housing Production Plans (HPPs), which are voluntary municipal efforts to assess housing conditions and identify strategies to meet a range of housing needs. The site's Basic Needs Assessment and Housing Data Profiles are intended to ease the burden and significantly reduce the cost of the data collection, processing, and analysis needed for Housing Production Plans.

The Basic Needs Assessment automatically generates the full suite of "required" content for an HPP's Housing Needs Assessments. The Housing Data Profile shows hundreds of housing-related indicators for each municipality, and compares the municipality to its neighbors, the county, the region, and the state. The Housing Data Profile substantially reduces the effort and money needed for data collection, processing, and analysis traditionally done for HPPs.

MAPC helps municipalities create and implement housing production plans, creates and disseminates housing data, prepares housing publications and articles, and produces local and comprehensive community development plans and model zoning bylaws for housing diversity and affordability. Our goal is to support planning for adequate, decent and affordable housing that is near jobs and transportation networks.