MAPC's Regional Indicators program is an effort to measure the region’s progress toward the goals and objectives of the MetroFuture: Making a Greater Boston Region, MAPC's regional plan adopted in 2008. MetroFuture identifies 65 goals for the region to achieve by 2030, categorized into six topic areas including Prosperity, Transportation, Sustainable Growth Patterns, Housing Choices, Community Vitality, and Environment. Metro Boston Regional Indicators identifies relevant indicators for each of these six topic areas and quantifies the region’s progress, or lack thereof, in working towards MAPC’s MetroFuture Goals for 2030.

MAPC published its first indicators report on the topic of Regional Equity in 2011. That report document stark--and in many cases worsening--disparities across race and income with regard to health, education, housing, and quality of life. MAPC is now in the process of updating those equity indicators.

Prosperity indicators were released in 2015, and Sustainable Transportation indicators, a collaborative effort with the Dukakis Center at Northeastern University, will be released in the fall of 2016.